Dr. François Beyens

Born in Aylesbury (UK) in 1941.
Studies : Medical Doctor from Louvain University, Candidate in Philosophy and letters, National Jury, Licenciate from the London College of Osteopathy.
Languages : french, english, spanish, chinese.
From 1968 to 1971 : uninterrupted stay in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Studied Chinese, acupuncture with several masters : Lu Yi-Gong, Wu Wei-Ping, Zhuang Yu-Ming, Huang Wei-san.
Since 1971 : back in Brussels, practices acupuncture full time.
Founding Member of the Belgian Association of Medical Acupuncturists. Teaching Monitor for ten years. Main teacher for 16 years.
Successively: Vice-president and President. Participates actively in or organizes most of its activities : courses, seminars, study trips to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vienna, London, Sofia, Prague, Riga, Cyprus, Japan, Berlin. Active presence in more than a hundred congresses or symposia, national or international.
Founding member and General Secretary of the 'International Council for Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (I.C.M.A.R.T.), an association which groups more than 80 associations of medical acupuncture and represents more than 35.000 medical acupuncturists.
Has conducted seminars in many countries : France, UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Latvia, Spain, Morocco, Brazil, USA, Denmark, Israel, Bulgaria, Austria, Sweden, Canada, Porto Rico.
Since 1989 has personally trained dozens of medical acupuncturists.
Translation in french of the book by Chen Ji-Rui : Acupuncture case Histories.
A written a book : Acupuncturally yours, to be published soon.
Has published two books of a series on: Revisiting Acupuncture, first in French (see the French part of the site) and now in English.
Lucid defender and critical promoter of medical acupuncture.

Özel Muayenhane

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