New Nightmare: PIG FLU

New Nightmare: PIG FLU81 people have died and hundreds are under quarantine. The virus has already been spread to other continents. The virus was found on 8 high school students in the US are spread to Canada.

The epidemic has taken 81 lives in 13 days. The US government advises the American people to avoid kissing, hugging and suggests to wash hands frequently. Even though the Americans have taken serious precautions, New York has also been affected after the states of Texas and California .75 students have been taken under quarantine.
People are advised to avoid kissing, hugging, hand shaking and are told the importance of frequently hand washing. 500 vaccinations are distributed to the American Medical Centers.
American Epidemic Avoid Center spokesman Thomas Abraham claimed that it is concerning that the virus is contaminated by humans.


25 among people returning from Mexico or New Zeeland are taken under quarantine.
It is annunciated that passengers with fever arriving from Mexico are to be taken under quarantine. China is taken precautions while Germany and England are very careful with the planes coming from Mexico. Also the Philippines declared that passengers with fever coming from Mexico are to be taken under quarantine immediately.


Infection specialist Prof.Dr.Önder Ergönül declared that the possibility of the pig flue in Turkey is very low. Prof.Dr.Ergönül mentioned that the virus will not spread to Turkey because of the distance between the two countries and the fact of the climatic differences. Prof Dr.Ergönül also said that Turkey is out of the virus season and that the virus season in Mexico has just started. There has been no virus diagnosed until today.


The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pig flu epidemic as an “International Emergency Situation”. The organization has not declared the situation as a general epidemic yet but has warned all countries.


1. What is the pig flu?
The pig flu is a flu type cause by an A type virus which is normally seen on pigs. The flu is spreading very fast.

2. Is the Pig Flu contagious?
The virus can be transmitted from human to human. The human organism has no natural immunity against this type of virus. This is why The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pig flu epidemic as an “International Emergency Situation”.

3. Do people eating pork get this virus?
The virus is not transmitted by pork meat. It is transmitted by respiration.

4 .Is this a new virus type considering pigs
The flu virus types not just mutate frequently in pigs but also in the human organism. According to WHO the virus which causes the pig flu is A/H1N1 which can be transmitted from human to human

5. Does a vaccination exist?
There is one for pigs but not for human.

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