Smoking bans improve health

Smoking bans improve healthBans that prohibit smoking in public places are actually having a larger effect on preventing heart attacks than expected.Evidence has recently proven that bans in North America and Europe have reduced the number of heart attacks by up to a third, two studies report.

This reduction is much greater than was originally anticipated. England's recent Department of Health estimate of 10% was well received because it was considered more than anticipated, and these recent findings show the benefits are in fact even greater. The two studies both appeared in leading scientific journals - Circulation and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The two studies were each based on the combined data of various populations, and therefore, together their results are based on numerous studies involving millions of people and considered quite reliable. The conclusion being that heart attack rates fall by as much as 26% per year in areas where bans are in place. Both studies demonstrate that not only are effects visible one year after the bans take effect, but that the rates continue to drop over time. Essentially, the longer the bans have been in place, the more heart attack rates drop, and the healthier the population becomes. According to the study published in Circulation, after one year a roughly 17 percent drop in heart attack rates can be seen, and after three years as much as a 36 percent drop can be seen. Blood clotting and the reduction of beneficial cholesterol are both common effects of second-hand smoke, and can lead to higher risk of dangerous heart rhythms and potential heart attacks. By reducing exposure to second-hand smoke, these bans are reducing the population's risk of developing such conditions. In the 10 years since the NHS Stop Smoking Services were put into effect, evidence suggests that at least 70,000 lives have been saved in England. Furthermore, the results indicate that a nationwide ban on smoking in public places in the U.S. would prevent around 145,000 heart attacks a year.

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