Cause to be ware of third-hand smoke

Cause to be ware of third-hand smokeRecent research suggests that third hand smoke, coming from the residue left behind from cigarette smoke on articles of clothing, upholstery as well as skin, can be a serious health threat.

Lab tests performed in Berkley California have shown that this residue from smoking contains substantial quantities of toxins and cancer-causing agents. Consequently, smokers, whether they smoke indoors or out, potentially carry these agents with them and exposing others wherever they go.
This is especially significant for young children who are very susceptible to such harsh chemicals. As the residue tends to cover wall-paper and flat surfaces, they are much more likely to come in immediate contact with such agents as they crawl, play and inhale in close proximity.
Furthermore, it has been discovered that such agents, when combined with another common indoor pollutant, generate a toxic substance known as tobacco specific nitrosamines or TSNA’s.
Opponents of the study believe this new term has been developed simply to induce fear. They say there is no hard evidence supporting this threat. Some supporters, on the other hand, believe this study provides reason enough to ban indoor smoking entirely. Though the level of risk third hand smoke poses is still unclear, this study verifies that the toxins of cigarette smoke do contaminate a smoker’s environment.

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