Pollen Warning to Asthma Patients!

Pollen Warning to Asthma Patients! Try not to go out as much as possible. There are approximately 5 million asthma patients in Turkey and much more of this figure is not aware of the illness.

In the spring growing of polen, the people whom have the symptoms of nose flow, eyes watering, sneeze absolutely must consult with a specialist. Disease is increasing, especially in spring and autumn months. In fall house dust also mites coming to life which are invisible, in carpet, bed, the pillows and the comforter are increased. Asthma cases are on the rise, especially in spring depends on the pollen,because pollen is triggering the disease. Each region has it’s own specific pollen. In Turkey,allergies to grass and pollen grains can be mostly seen. They come from miles away and can irritate people. People in this period,have complaints such as itching nose flow, sneeze, watering eyes,this is the pollen allergy, and it needs treatment. People with this type of complaint should always consult with a specialist. In this period asthmatic patients should not go out as possible,should not be seen in places many of the pollens found,should avoid from picnic, and must use pollen filter in the car and at home. 1000-1500 deaths in every year. Asthma,as people usually think of shortness of breath,there are types of asthma include coughing and mostly seen amongst the children. Asthma treatment process is resulted in under control can lead to the death cases.

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