The Most Common Diseases After The Birth!

The Most Common Diseases After The Birth!Experienced experts indicate that beside the physical, emotional and social changes after the birth,mother's depression is one of the biggest complaint that they have.

Experts,from the birth the relationship between mother and the baby,is specifically defined to be special and need of having the baby,that lead to major changes in mother’s and father’s life, also having a new baby has expanded the mother's life, responsibities are increased,so many changes on the body and on the soul were recorded. Experts underlines that from the birth mothers have physical,emotional and social changes in particular. During this beautiful and difficult process mothers have to look carefully to themself as they look carefully to their babies.The mother's birth control after birth should be made in terms of their health. At least the baby, mother who brought him to world her health is also important. In the care of the new baby the mother need to seek help from close,for mothers to overcome her jobs alone is a wrong situation. After the birth mother’s biggest complaints is depression and postpartum depression can be seen from every 15 women from 100. However, depression can begin during pregnancy. The main symptoms are,feeling bad,unhappiness,despair, unprovoked crying crises,feel worthless,feel guilty,particularly lost interest to her child,energy loses, feeling tired sleeping disorder, sexual aversion and eating disorder, Women in depression should share their feelings and complaints with their close relatives and should get professional help.

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