Don’t Let Your Day At The Pool To Turn Into A Nightmare!

Don’t Let Your Day At The Pool To Turn Into A Nightmare!Different kinds of bacterias which can cause diarrhea, respiratory tract infections, ear, eye and skin infections can be transmitted through swimming pools or the sea.

The ear area is one of the most sensitive part of the body and ear infections can therefore cause the patient a hard time. The infection can be in external ear or in the eardrum. It can even be more painful if there is an edema. Bacterias coming from the pool and the sea lead to, diarrhea, respiratory tract infections, ear, eye and skin infections. Blue green algae’s contain deadly toxins and the Leptospira bacteria can cause the dangerous Weil illness. Ear infections are the most common health problem during the summer. It is very important to avoid swallowing pool water and not to stay with a wet bathing suit. These are easy hints to prevent these diseases. If pools are not clean enough and the pollution levels are too high dysentery, typhoid many more diseases can occur. Visitors have to be sure about the pool or the beach condition before they go swimming. Sweating can increase fungus. Genital diseases, cantagiosum and trikomonas Molluscum infections are frequently transferred through pools. Typhoid, hepatitis A and E, cryptosporidum, Giardia, Shigella, dysentery and paratyphoid diarrhea can also be transmitted. The periodic chemical and physical cleaning process is necessary for the hygiene of the pools. Children who have not their hepatitis A and B vaccine should not be taken to pools. Eating and smoking or walking with shoes at the pool side should be avoided. Feet should be put into antiseptic water before entering the pool area. Earplugs should be used against infection risks, crapes should be washed out immediately, good circulated pools should be preferred and polluted beaches should be avoided.

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