The Secret Danger That Lies In Air-condition Units!

The Secret Danger That Lies In Air-condition Units!Air-condition has become an essential element during the hot summer days. But how save are air condition units and what effect do they have on our health?

Bacteria’s can easily survive in air-condition units and can than be transformed into the area where the unit is located. The common risk of Legionnaire's disease highlights the necessity of checking your air conditioning units regularly. The Legionnaire Bacteria, which may cause acute respiratory diseases, easily survives in an air condition unit. A research has shown that these bacteria’s are situated in % 75 of all air-condition units in 4 and 5 star hotels. The Legionnaire's disease occurs more frequently by middle-aged or elderly people, smokers and people with other chest problems, heavy drinkers and those with a weakened immune system. Symptoms are similar to the symptoms of the flu and include high temperature, feverishness and chills, cough, muscle pains, headache; and leading on to pneumonia and signs of mental confusion. There are more patients who come to a hospital because staying in air conditioned areas too long. People get easily sick of too low temperatures and too less fresh air. It is necessary to open windows in order to let fresh air in. It is of great importance that the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures is not more than 7 degrees Celsius. The human body can not cope with the differences of these temperatures.

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